Perfect Inclusion

INCEASINGLY WE are seeing the inclusion of a modern convenience such as a glass elevator and shaft seamlessly being incorporated into a new home’s design. And when done correct, as with this lovely home, the elevator is such a natural inclusion that it’s hard to imagine the home without it.

In this project, the FreedomLift 2 and anodised aluminum and glass shaft was centrally located in the entrance foyer and provided a convenient alternative to the nearby stairs. With an emphasis on glass, even the drive wall had two glass portions for an interesting visual of the elevator running gear as the elevator travels between floors. The clean modern lines of the beautiful shaft tied in perfectly with the gently sloping ceilings and contemporary architecture.

The final finishing touch was the attention to the floors, the elevator cabin was fitted with polished timber floorboards to match the upper level of the home, the pit at the lower level was tiled in the same finish as the whole downstairs foyer area – amazing how attention to the little details can impact on the overall look.

To view the drawings for this elevator please click here


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