SOME HOMES lend themselves better than others to functionally and aesthetically retrofitting a lift.

When the need arose for this Melbourne home, Lift shop Installed an ElfoLift 2 with a bones only shaft into the corner of the double garage (but with such a small footprint it still allowed space for 2 vehicles) and then sitting on the outside of the home, door openings were created on each level to allow easy access into both levels of the home.

The outside section of the shaft was clad in timber panelling for the perfect tie-in with the rest of the home’s exterior. The landing doors of the lift were painted in either dark charcoal or creamy white to match the level of the home they sat at. The cabin interior was fitted in gloss Bianco A32PP skinplate and brushed stainless steel profiles. The horizontal car operating panel also incorporated the handrail and flush mount push button telephone handset. To minimise the presence of the lift at each level, the door frames were built in and the landing buttons were wall mounted in subtle painted faceplates. Within the garage, the lift machine equipment was all housed in a clean and simple cabinet alongside the lift shaft.

A very satisfying result for all