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Flexibility, Style, Free Inclusions

It Fits!

  • Designed to fit your space
  • Sized to suit, and styled to suit, has always been the Elevator Boutique advantage and the big difference
  • Custom designed luxury and convenience at no extra cost

E2 sliding door elevator – example:
CW +  16.5″ = Internal HW

CD + 12.5″ = Internal HD

More formulas and drawings available on the elevator pages

Other Advantages 

  • No machine room is required (just a small cabinet conveniently located)
  • The elevator runs on regular power (like your oven)
  • The elevator have the shallowest pits
  • The lowest headroom requirements

The Wow Factor!

  • Choices and styles are endless
  • Elevators are available with optional designer hotel style glass shafts
  • Be inspired by the stories / examples from around  America at
  • elevatorboutique.com/stories
  • The stories are examples of the extensive experience Elevator Boutique has as the leading residential elevator niche’ specialist.
  • Free extras include 2100mm (82.6″) high ceilings
  • Free LED lighting

Chat to your designer about what you would like.