Update on IGV Closure – Reminder Of The Importance Of Knowing Your Manufacturer’s History



Lift Shop ceased buying from IGV in 2008 due to quality and reliability problems back then. Our customers are not affected.

Lift Shop does not change products immediately after the unforeseen significant event of a manufacturer shutting whilst at the same time claiming to have a superior product in the sidelines, and so the failure doesn’t seem overly concerning.

20 April 2018: IGV Ceases Manufacture of the Domuslift.
Since then much speculation and rumour including statements they would restart within 6-8 weeks if a buyer / money could be found. It has not restarted in more than 2 months.
This is on the public record in Italy, with the key paragraph translated.

PDF 1 – Italian Report, confirming IGVs problems were known since 2016 and earlier.
PDF 2 – A translation of the key paragraph summary by Google
PDF 3 – A translation of the key financial metrics confirming the net debt at
end 2016 was Euro 23.7M on sales of Euro 33m

There are many Italian Manufacturers, and they are not the same.
You need to know who you are dealing with.