[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]August 2012 – Elevator Boutique, the international multi-award winning specialist in luxury residential elevators, was recognised by international industry authority, Elevator World.

Appearing on the cover of the magazine’s August 2012 issue, the Elevator Boutique group is profiled – from inception in 2003 through the rapid expansion to a globally recognised leader in the home elevator niche’ with designer showrooms in 5 cities in 2 countries.

The home elevator niche’ is a new space, very different to handicap elevators, or commercial elevators. Elevator Boutique is leading the way in this new market place. It is a new and emerging market with its own unique product advantages which include, minimal energy usage, minimal space impact, and amazing designs.

According to the Founder and CEO of Lift Shop and Elevator Boutique, Les Katz, “Elevator World is very highly regarded across the elevator industry, all over the world. Like many of my colleagues, I have been reading this ‘industry bible’ for about 20 years, so for our success to be documented by Elevator World is quite surprising and amazing.

Being featured in Elevator World is proof that, the new market is a legitimate market, in the same way that the car is different from the scooter and the bus. The home elevator is different from the others, and our clients have different needs. Our code compliant products, quality finishes, close partnerships with our supplier groups, and high customer service focus, is appreciated by the client base. Thats why we have grown every single year, since 2003. We are no longer a small industry.

Although, we are a large team, we still believe in the close relationships, focus and dedication to service and our area of expertise. We will continue evolving and innovating world-class elevator designs and technologies. I wish to thank and applaud our network. We would not have achieved such success without all participants. The group of employees and suppliers plus clients who keep returning for their home elevator needs, all share in this honour.

Our world class showroom is the only luxury home elevator showroom in the USA. It has thrilled the architects and designers. They love the look of our steel, aluminum and contemporary glass shafts. They also love that our entire range is supplied with landing doors, making installations quicker and easier and the elevator safer for the customer. Standard response is, costs much less than we expected, these are really affordable.

We have had a few movie stars through, they love it, they wear hats, they move quickly. Its fun.”

Visit our unique and inspirational showroom at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood or contact us to find out how to turn your dream home into a reality.

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