[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Lift Shop, Australia’s award-winning leader in luxury residential lifts, is setting a new standard in home elevator performance and design with the release of Supermec 2.

Faster and stronger, Supermec 2 is a non-hydraulic lift featuring an improved drive and computer system. It is the first home lift in Australia to travel at speeds of up to 1/2 m/s (67% faster than most other home lifts) carrying an additional two people (a total of 630kg), all while providing a quiet, smooth ride and using just 13% of the power of its oily and noisy hydraulic equivalents.

This latest model builds on the success of the original Supermec, the first post-hydraulic era residential lift with an incredible power failure-proof, energy efficient, programmable traction drive system.

With its new speed and performance efficiencies, Supermec 2 is the only residential lift developed to take full advantage of new National Occupational Health and Safety Regulations due to take effect on 1 January 2012.

“The innovative technologies behind Supermec 2 put it in pole position for the impending regulation updates. Architects, builders and home owners looking for the ultimate in residential lifts can rest assured that with Supermec 2 they are investing in a state-of-the-art home lift that pushes performance, design and efficiency to the limits,” said Les Katz, Managing Director, Lift Shop.

Supermec 2 combines its impressive new performance capabilities with design elegance and sophistication. It is designed and manufactured in Italy by the leading platform lift manufacturer for Italians, Elevatori Premontati, who has been supplying for Lift Shop exclusively since 2004. Every Supermec 2 is an individually crafted masterpiece, from sizing, cabin doors and floors to sleek steel and glass shafts – it can be totally customised to perfectly suit any home.

According to Mr Katz, “From sliding doors that open and close at the push of a button, to its minimised pit depth, marginal overhead clearance and no machine room requirements, Supermec 2 is every customer’s dream and the envy of our competitors.”

“This is what it takes to be world class and it all starts with building best international partnerships – something other lift suppliers just don’t have.”

Some of Supermec 2’s intelligent features include:

  • Numeric key pad
  • Unique self-rescue system
  • Single phase power
  • Full-height safety light curtains
  • Optional steel and glass shafts for greater visual impact
  • Three-year parts warranty (included as standard)

Lift Shop is committed to delivering world-class products and services to customers around Australia, and proudly does so through an ongoing passion for innovation and bringing the best new ideas and technologies to the competitive Australian residential lift market.

“Whilst others are still stuck in the hydraulic era, our Supermec now enters its 10th year in the post-hydraulic traction market. This demonstrates the value of innovation in its purest form,” said Mr Katz.

“With the huge technological advances being made the market is witnessing a generational shift and those who cannot keep up are hanging on to ‘evolutionary’ old technologies. Lift Shop is about being ‘revolutionary’ and bringing the absolute highest quality, cutting edge solutions to the market.”

Supermec 2 is available exclusively from Lift Shop (www.elevatorboutique.com), Australia’s award-winning leader in quality, luxury designer home elevators.

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