[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]In the September 2010 issue of Elevatori (the Eurpoean Elevator Magazine) the publishers Volpe Editore* acknowledged that…

“the local Chinese enterprises now can supply products as good as the multinationals”, further “also following the world trend of building an eco-friendly industry, characterised by energy saving technologies, by using the PMSM gearless machine, regenerative drive and LED lighting”

The publishers also noted that “the Chinese lift market is the largest in the world” and also went on to comment that“according to forecast, although the world market remains sluggish, the Chinese production of lift and escalator will shoot through the roof of 300,000 new units manufactured in the year, representing a 15% increase in 2010”

In the November 2010 issue of Elevatori, Giuseppe Volpe (Chairman of IGV and publisher of Elevatori) recognised that China was the largest manufacturer of lifts in the world with Italy in second place

At Lift Shop we are thrilled that we source our products from both of these leading country suppliers and that we have been supplying Chinese manufactured lifts for 4 years now with fantastic results and totally happy customers – as always we have continued to take a proactive research and development attitude to our business to ensure we always offer our customers the best available.

*Volpe Editore are also the owners of IGV, the manufacturers of the Domus range of lifts

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