q1 reimagined

Featuring new colorways in black and grey plus Elevator Boutique’s In Cabin Self Rescue. Inventory on hand, quick installation times and minimal maintenance are the Q1 advantages. The Q1 will be an eye-catching and practical feature in your home.

compact solution

With zero shaft space, minimal construction, and a small footprint, the Q1 is an optimal elevator for tight spaces. Sensors detect the lightest weight and the smallest obstacles. In Cabin Self Rescue is now a standard feature along with Emergency Lowering. 


Capacity – 2-3 Persons, 562 lbs

Speed – 16 fpm

Power – 110VAC

Max Travel  – 13.8 ft, 2 floors

Drive System – Electric

Rescue Operation – Included

Openings – Single

Compliance – ASME A17.1/A17.5

Cabin Size MEDIUM – 33.5 (w) x 29.5 (d) in

Cutout Size MEDIUM – 41.8 (w) x 42.7 (d) in 

Cabin Size LARGE – 33.5 (w) x 49.2 (d) in

Cutout Size LARGE – 41.8 (w) x 62.4 (d) in 

Headroom – 94.5 in

Cabin Height – 74.8 in

Pit Depth – No pit required

Cladding – RAL 9005 Jet Black or RAL 7042 Traffic Grey