AFTER HAVING already had a Supermec installed in their beachside property, it was a no brainer to do the same again in the owners new harbour view property.

Spanning three levels, the 1200mm (47.2″) wide x 1200mm (47.2″) deep cabin with high 2150mm (84.6″) ceiling was fitted with 2 glass walls for maximum light and views and also marine grade stainless steel and glass landing and cabin doors. One wall of the cabin was finished in Similinox skinplate with a vertical brushed stainless steel car operating panel. The corner profiles were also done in brushed stainless steel and the outside of the cabin finished nicely with Similinox trims. The elevator was provided with a plain steel floor tray for a tiled finish to be laid matching the rest of the home.

Located in a convenient but unobtrusive location, the glass faced wall of the shaft provides plenty of natural light and also affords beautiful views of the harbour.

Elevator Boutique was again thrilled to be working with a repeat client.

To view the drawings for this home elevator please click here