THIS STATELY terrace home in Albert Park has been lovingly updated and modernised over the years whilst still keeping its original charm. The only thing lacking however has been easier access between the two main levels of the home.

Fortunately the rear of the home had just the perfect alcove in which to install a sleek glass shaft and opposite through car Elfolift 2. To complement the clean lines of the glass shaft, the lift finishes included: 3 piece side sliding brushed stainless steel and glass landing and cabin doors, one F12PPS Similinonx cabin wall and one full size glass wall for maximum light and viewing over the backyard. The stylish white ceiling with DAMA pattern and diffused lighting and tiled flooring were the final touches top and bottom to finish off the design.

The owners are thrilled with the end result – even the family pooch is very much at home and travels regularly in the lift too.

To view the drawings for this lift please click here