WITH VISION and passion, the developer saw a blank canvas in this unassuming older style sawtooth roof factory in the riverside property. Retaining the original shell of the building, the inside has been transformed into a series of modern well designed luxury multi-level apartments. And for something a little bit extra, two of the residences were equipped with the top of the range 630kg (1388lbs) Supermec 3’s.

Serving three levels of this massive apartment, the Supermec has been fitted with Italian Similinox skinplate landing and cabin doors. The cabin walls are Similinox to the drive side, full height mirror to the left and full size glass wall to the rear. The outside of the rear wall has been fitted with LED strips that change color as the elevator travels – these lights also serve to illuminate the shaft wall that has been fitted with a 10m (32′) high artwork with a changing design from floor to floor – certainly makes for an interesting ride.

Aspirational living for sure.

To view the drawings for this home elevator please click here