Elevator Boutique Elevators

If you require service then please call 855 326 8847

If you have an Elevator Boutique elevator that is overdue for service, then we invite you to contact us. We can arrange for a safety inspection and resumption of regular service.

  • Routine Service
  • 24 Hour Helpline
  • Repairs
  • Extended Warranty Programs


All new elevators are sold with the industry-leading warranties and inclusions.

This can be extended for a fee so that labor and parts are covered indefinitely.

Breakdown Rates:
We have the lowest breakdown rates because we have eliminated the main two reasons for breakdowns.

No: 1 Reason is Vandalism
As our elevators are 100% found in private homes, they don’t have exposure to the general public and misuse.

No: 2 Reason is Inferior Components.
It is common to use part replacements as future revenue streams.  We appreciate that homeowners don’t like that, so use superior parts and systems which mean problems are rare.